The Last Day of School

It was the third of June, and unbelievably hot and sticky out. Most of the girls from grade eleven were sitting out on the grass: it was lunch, and it was marginally cooler outside than indoors, so half of the student body had carried their cafeteria food out to the field for an impromptu picnic. The usual sounds of a hundred conversations and snapping plastic that echoed around the cement walls were much less oppressive in the open air.

As a half-eaten apple flew overhead, one of the girls mentioned that if it wouldn’t make her look like a slut she’d totally take her shirt off right now, it was that hot out. “Yeah, me too” said another, “but James is watching, and I don’t need his eyes crawling all over my boobs.” “Too late” replied one of the girls. They broke into laughter, and several heads turned in their direction. “You know what? Fuck James. I can’t take this anymore. I’m dying here. I gotta get some kind of relief.”

The other girls watched with a mixture of laughter, surprise, and respect in their eyes as she proceeded to remove her bra from underneath her shirt. She tossed it over her head and it caught on one of the low branches of the tree above them. Green B-cups twisted slowly among the leaves. There were definitely a lot more heads turned their way now. The freed young woman let out a great long Ahhh and flopped backwards onto the lawn. “SO much better” she exclaimed. “I recommend you join me.”

Emboldened, a few more girls carefully took off their bras and also hung them from the tree branches. “I didn’t realize how warm that was making me!” revealed one incredulously. “This is fantastic!” That was all it took. In two minutes there was a rainbow in the lower half of the tree, with all the content ladies spread out beneath. The giggles rose and fell like the echoes in the cafeteria. 

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